Companies are taking a lot of strain in hiring executives that can contribute to their growth and success. The reason behind this might be the use of traditional hiring methodologies which may result in the executives lacking diversity and being outsmarted by their competitors. However, there may be a solution to this according to Debbie Goodman-Bhyat, CEO of top executive search firm Jack Hammer says that companies need to ensure their approach to hiring executive teams includes new methods, backed by research and data sets, in order to make optimally successful decisions.

Addressing the Southern African Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (SAVCA) conference in Cape Town, Goodman-Bhyat said that with an increase in the amount and understanding of available data informing new appointments to top positions, there were six issues that companies should now be considering when making top appointments:

  1. Acknowledging that traditional frameworks are outdated;

  2. Understanding that the emphasis on qualifications should shift to soft skills;

  3. Avoiding over-reliance on psychometric assessment ;

  4. Harnessing the power of multiple data points in hiring decisions

  5. Having a greater transformation vision and understanding of how diversity helps a company grow and think differently; and

  6. Getting executive recruiters involved from the start, with helping to strategise what kind of individual is required, rather than after the fact in the search phase only.

The shift from the traditional hiring process systems may not be as it looks, companies will still experience a challenge in recruiting executives especially when it comes to someone with experience in the field. These kind of executives come with their own expectations when it comes to the company that is recruiting, at this stage in their careers they look at the company’s position in its industry, development, financial growth and the management of resources before deciding on whether they want to work for that company or reject the job offer at hand when approached.

It is therefore important that companies keep up with trends in their industries and review their existing frameworks and definitions and see where they can upgrade. They can do this by doing thorough research about the type of an executive they are looking for, employ various data points to help them in hiring decisions that may yield good results.


“Companies need to take into consideration the mountains of proof that diversity in terms of race, gender, age and background are crucial for growth, providing a competitive edge because it allows a company to think differently, respond to markets differently and evaluate things with fresh eyes, all the time,” says Goodman-Bhyat.




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