In this edition of Supply Worx we feature a cover story interview with Crossroads, managing director, Arend du Preez and explore what it is companies should really be expecting from their logistics providers. We also take a look at protection mechanisms to shield companies from cybercrime, review the increasing demand for supply chain infrastructure on the continent and get a handle on the importance of product recall and contamination insurance. 




Supply Worx


In this edition of Supply Worx, we emphasise the importance of long passwords for organisations to better protect themselves against password attacks. We also take a look at the key factors for successfully managing test environments and the consequences of mistaken identity in leadership as it has resulted in several South African companies losing hundreds of millions annually. 

Supply Worx Vol 15.1



In this edition of supplyWorx, we highlight the significance of developing a successful Business Intelligence (BI) strategy.BI should help to boost business performance, by empowering all decision makers, including staff, customers, and third-party parties to be able to play their roles effectively as a result of the BI implementation. We also look at the surviving tips for managers at work and the top 5 recommendations for agile data recovery. The focus for many organisations is on getting the data into the cloud and not necessarily on ensuring that data can be easily recovered in the event of a disaster.

SupplyWorx Vol 15.3


In this edition of SupplyWorx, we highlight the importance of building networks for companies. Building sustainable business relationships in an international market often proves to be a tricky task. One of the biggest obstacles companies face when taking business international, is holding the attention of those you are trying to build connections with. We also look at how technology and smart ports can help fast track Africa’s growth and the ongoing challenge that has led to high percentages of unemployment, which is skill shortages.

SupplyWorx Vol 15.4


In this issue of SupplyWorx we discuss the solutions for Supply Chain Infrastructure in Africa. Economic growth in Africa often brings increased pressure on supply chain infrastructure, creating challenging business conditions and difficulty in matching supply with demand. We also look at the five essential tax questions every business owner should consider???? for the good of their business.. We also highlight Cloud computing and how it is making huge waves in the business world. Consumer cloud services such as iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox have changed the way people think about digital content and how to use it. 

SupplyWorx Vol 15.5


In this edition of SupplyWorx we emphasise the importance of different office trends to make employees feel comfortable and become more efficient in a working environment. As a result office design is moving towards a homelier look and feel, with furnishings resembling those of a residential setting rather than the hard, serious ‘fit for purpose’ office. We also look at  woman who are underrepresented in leadership positions of the JSE-listed companies and state-owned enterprises in general and over the past 11 years more women than ever before have entered the field of engineering.

SupplyWorx Vol 15.6


In this edition of SupplyWorx we talk about the significance of investing in Africa. Africa is finally taking centre stage as more and more international organisations are opening offices on the continent. More banks are viewing Africa with interest, and stock markets are showing strong performances. We also look at the challenges of legitimate emails. Spam has evolved into something far more dangerous that is costing business enormously in terms of bandwidth, productivity and downtime. We delve deeper into employee absenteeism. Managing stress and burnout in employees lowers absenteeism rates, increases productivity and decreases the costs associated with high staff turnover.


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